Driven Again on R3 of HCG

This time… it will be my last. :)

R3P2VLCD41 (Apr 2): A Slow Re-Start

Post VLCD 40/Post PI 1:  Loss 1.0  /  Current Weight:  149.0  /  Net Loss -15.0  / PI-LIW +5.4  / (Start 164.0)

I’m not a happy camper… I noticed that I didn’t pee anymore than usual yesterday, (the usual sign of an upcoming whoosh), so I got on the scale before bed to “guess” my morning weight, since wasn’t expecting a huge overnight drop.  My evening weight was 152, (+2 from AM weight), so I only estimated an expectation of a 0-2lb loss.  This morning, after my 1st day back on VLCD, as I expected, I only dropped 1lb of the huge gain and bloat from my Load. I KNOW that this is just water weight because I couldn’t have possibly eaten enough calories to put this on as real weight.   I’m praying that the whoosh comes tonight.   I’m going to make sure I drink more water and teas today, (I only drank a little over my minimum yesterday), and I’m going to have a high-protein day with chicken breast to see if I can release some of this carb-water-weight.

Go ahead with the… itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso, itoldyaso… I should have listened and done a CLEAN RELOAD without carbs/sugars… and just stuck with protein/fat and I wouldn’t have gained so much water-weight.  Sometimes I really feel like an addict when it comes to food… **blushing**   I actually get excited to eat things that I know I won’t be allowed to eat after a certain time.

I just hope that this whole planned interruption/extension/restart leaves me weighing LESS than I would have been if I didn’t just end my round on Mar 18th at my original LIW.  It would really stink to go through all this extra VLCD/shots (with its social calender struggles) without the added benefit of dropping a few more pounds.

My STRONG advice from here on out…

IF YOU MUST RELOAD, DO IT CLEAN WITH PROTEIN & FAT… or suffer the carb-bloat consequences for days afterward!!

If only I listened… **shrug**

It’s too late now to turn back the clock.   The only thing I can do is forgive myself and move forward.   If God can forgive me, I can forgive myself. 😀   Conviction causes us to gain wisdom, change our ways and allows us to have freedom and peace… condemnation just keeps us miserable, beating ourselves up over our mistakes.  Thank God that we live under grace and not the law.  I’d never live up to the perfection expected of the people in the old testament… and expecting myself to be unflawed is no different.  I’ll chalk this mistake up as something to remember when newbies ask for advice and want to reload after a PI.


I’m doing great on my high-protein day. I had coffee w/milk this morning, and nothing but chicken breast since. It’s almost 6:30 and I drank my minimum fluids already… so from here till bedtime I can drink all my “extra” fluids. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing a happy dance on the scale tomorrow.


I know I’ve been drinking and peeing allot today. I don’t normally weigh anytime other than the morning, naked, after I “go”… but I just got tempted to take a peek on my progress. I hopped on fully clothed at 9pm, and it looks like I’m going to have a GREAT morning with a visit from the **Whoosh Fairy** tonight!



Coffee 20oz, Milk 0.5oz, Chicken Breast 400g



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R3P2VLCD40 (Apr 1): 1st of VLCD After Planned Interruption

Post RELOAD after PI:  GAIN 3.2  /  Current Weight:  150.0  /  Net Loss -14.0  / PI-LIW +6.4  / (Start 164.0)

I’m kinda FREAKING out!  This is NOT the kind of April Fool that I can smile about.  The scale said 150lbs today! I almost want to cry… but I’m trying to keep my game face on and avoid the cortisol surge.  I was aiming for anything below 140, so I’m really scared of this reload weight and don’t know how plausible that really is anymore.  After hovering at the top end of my allowable range all interruption, I was 1.4 above LIW before this started.  I gained 2 lbs from small pre-load/cheat (really didn’t have much)… then gained 3.2 lbs from my 1-day Load.  That’s 5.2 lbs in the last 2 days… and a total of 6.6 above LIW before my interruption.

My body actually HURTS from the water retention and I don’t even recognize my face in the mirror because it’s so bloated.

To transition back into VLCD today, I plan to have a mostly “normal” day with 1 fruit, no melba, since there’s not much HCG in my system yet, but if I’m not starving later, I may not even eat my veggies.  (It’s too late to skip my apple. I already ate it.)

For the rest of this round, I commit to doing either a High-Protein Day or a Mini-Steak Day EVERY DAY.   I will not even SNIFF something that’s potentially edible, even if it is allowed on protocol.

(I only have 7 days left, including today, before my Final LIW.)


Coffee 20oz, Milk 0.5oz, Apple 200g, Ground Turkey 100g, Fennel 300g, 95% Lean Ground Beef 100g, Onion 165g 


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R3P2VLCD32 (Mar 13): Experiment Failed :(

Post VLCD31:  Loss 0.2 –  Current Weight:  144.6  –  Net Loss -19.4   (Start 164.0)

It seems like my experiment failed… unless it’s a delayed reaction kinda thing.   😦   Since I did a Mini-Steak day (with coconut oil), I was expecting a big loss, especially since I had “0” loss yesterday… but I only dropped 0.2 lbs.  I was going to have a high-protein day today… but after the last 2 days, I’m going to try another Mini-Steak day… WITHOUT the coconut oil experiment this time.  Honestly, I’m kinda missing my veggies even more than I’m missing my apple this morning. **shrug**

At this rate, my Planned Interruption seems inevitable, so it looks like I will be ending my shots on the 18th, entering P3 on the 21st… then should be re-starting shots/P2 on the 28th for another 8 days, before heading into a normal P3 & P4.   I’m well beyond the 20 injection minimum that Dr.S recommends to have completed before doing a PI, so I think I should be OK.  The hardest part will be choosing a day to re-start and dealing with the first few days of VLCD without doing any Load days again…. since I will be re-starting within 2 weeks, (trying to follow protocol for my PI…other than the fact that I will be extending beyond 40 injections).  At least I have a solution, even if it’s not exactly what I would have chosen, even if it will now force my P3 to bleed into my Miami vacation in April.  I can live with that though… P3 isn’t difficult for me.   I’m really looking forward to it, more than I’m even looking forward to P4.


Coffee 16oz, Milk .5 oz, 95% Lean Ground Beef 300g, Apple 200g…  TOTAL CALORIES: 528

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R3P2VLCD31 (Mar 12): I Can’t Complain

Post VLCD30:  Loss 0.0 –  Current Weight:  144.8  –  Net Loss -19.2   (Start 164.0)

Geez…. HCG is some weird stuff.  LOL  On any other diet, if I ate nothing but poached cod, cucumbers and an apple for the day, I would have expected to lose big the next day.  One this crazy diet, I lost a big whopping goose egg!!  “0 Loss”  I’m thrilled that it’s not a gain and actually laughing about it.  After the last several days of big losses, (4 lbs in 4 days), I have nothing to complain about… so the mean scale couldn’t steal my joy today.  (The sad news in Japan, Hawaii and CA isn’t easy to handle and keep a smile on my face… but I got on my knees and prayed, and left my sunken heart at the alter, leaving the burden with the Lord.)

Yesterday’s “almost normal” protocol day on VLCD was what I needed to take a break from the last few HP/MS days, so I wasn’t feeling too deprived.  Now I’m back to another Mini-Steak Day today…with an experimental twist.  After looking at my spreadsheet, it looks like I actually lost more after I used a fatty cut of beef, and ate above 500 calories, than when I stuck to lean ground beef…as if my body prefers to have more fat, than less.  I’m going to try my MS day with 95% lean GB and have some Cocoa Crack to add some healthy fat, (although coconut oil actually digests like a carb), instead of using a fattier cut of beef with saturated fat.

Tomorrow morning, we will see how well my experiment goes.

Kids… don’t try this at home without the supervision of a therapist, just in case your scale turns on your and tells you things that get you depressed the morning after, without even kissing you first. If you choose to try it anyway, you agree to hold “Driven Again” harmless for any psychological or monetary damages that this experiment may cause. If you have success after attempting one of my crazy experiments, you will be required to make payment of 1 Year’s worth of Cocoa Crack, made fresh weekly and delivered to my doorstep via FedEx.



Coffee 16oz, Milk .5 oz, 95% Lean Ground Beef 350g, Tomato 350g, Coconut Oil 3 tbls …  TOTAL CALORIES: 908

(Without coconut oil TOTAL CALORIES 556, since some people say that the coconut oil calories don’t count because of the way they digest.)

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R3P2VLCD29 (Mar 10): I SEE THE LIGHT!! :D

Post VLCD28:  Loss 1.2 –  Current Weight:  145.8  –  Net Loss -18.2   (Start 164.0)

I’m down ANOTHER 1.2 lbs today. 😀  **HAPPY DANCE**

That’s 3.4 lbs in the past 4 days… ending my Week 4 down 4.4lbs.   If it wasn’t for the last 2 days of mini-steak days (one that even included cheats), I would have only dropped 2 lbs this week.  (THANK YOU BETH)   Yesterday, my entire menu consisted of… 16oz coffee w/1tbls milk, water & teas all day long, then 300g 95% Lean Ground Beef and 400g Tomato… both prepared without any salt, although I did use a little mustard for dipping.

For the past 2 days, I wasn’t hungry during the day, but NOT eating until dinner time was mentally challenging because I felt “too restricted.”  I’m a rebel that doesn’t like too many rules… although I seem to have the best success in life when I have limited choices sometimes.   (ha ha… go figure)

I am going to try something slightly different today… not because I want to reinvent the magic wheel, but because fasting all day long is difficult for me to do too many days in a row, (I did it the last 2 days).  I’m going to try a High Protein Day today, allowing myself Greek Yogurt, Chicken Breast and Cod, throughout the day, (whenever I feel like it), staying close to 500 calories… and skipping all fruits, veggies and melbas.

I’m planning to do as many HP/MS days as I can manage before Mar 18th’s weigh-in, to try to complete this round with a BANG!!  My results tomorrow morning will determine what I do on Friday.  If I have a big loss, I might consider doing a “normal” (for me) day that includes 1 fruit and 2 veggies… just to take a break from the extreme restrictions I’ve self-imposed the last few days.   If I have a normal/small loss, I might do another High Protein or Mini-Steak Day.

I’m excited again!!  Not only am I seeing a bright light at the end of the tunnel, knowing that I’m either going to hit my goal before my Birthday, (or worse case scenario, 2 weeks after)… but I’m also watching my tummy flatten out already, allowing me to wear more form fitted clothing confidently.  I can’t wait until the weather is warm enough to start wearing some dresses again.

I’m experimenting in every way that I can think of, that might help speed up my progress to my goal.  I don’t think I can continue HP/MS days every day, without a few “pleasure” feeds of fruits and veggies mixed in.   My mission is to reach 135.  If I’m short a few pounds from reaching it by the 18th and decide to do the extension week, I will stop at whatever weight I am when I’m out of HCG… even if it’s under 135, (Gosh… what a concept? It almost seems like too much of a fantasy.).  If I must maintain my weight for the next 6 weeks on P3/P4, I really want it to be at or below 135, but honestly, after spending a week in P3, I just might not be interested in going back to P2 again… so I will see how I feel then.  Who knows?… I might even achieve my goal on time and STILL decide to do my FINAL extension week anyway, just to see how low I can get.  I expect that this will be my LAST round of HCG forever… if I can help it… so why not make the best of it.


Just to explain my my recent Greek Yogurt Kick…

Completely unrelated to this diet, I’m trying to test different brands of Greek Yogurt to see which ones are the thickest/creamiest, to find something non-sugary with nutritional value that my Mom’s doctor will allow her to have.   She had a massive stroke Sept 09 and has been NPO (nothing by mouth), for most of the past 18 months.  After some recent testing, she’s finally allowed to have “pudding thickness” foods. She’s never been a big fan of sweets… and in a nursing home, all she will likely get is pudding full of chemicals, carbs and fat, unless I do something about it.  After trying Oikos yesterday and Fage today, Fage is clearly in the lead… for nutrition, flavor & texture.



Coffee 16oz, Milk .5 oz, Fage Greek NF Yogurt 6oz, Chicken Breast 350g …  TOTAL CALORIES: 567

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R3P2VLCD28 (Mar 9): Mini-Steak Day Derailed… with a HAPPY Ending

Post VLCD27:  Loss 1.2 –  Current Weight:  147.0  –  Net Loss -17.0   (Start 164.0)

My mini-steak day didn’t go as planned….  It started off well, but then turned into a weird ROGUE/cheat day.  I was doing great all day, until I went food shopping.  When I passed by the bakery dept, out of pure “sample” habit, I grabbed a chocolate chip cookie and ate 2/3rds of it before my mind woke up to what I was doing, and I tossed the rest.  WHOA!  I’m not one to normally cheat.  It felt like an out of body experience until the guilt hit.  I better stay away from that section of the market for a few more weeks.  That was scary.

So, last night, I decided to make a small thin porter house steak for my only planned meal… along with an apple.  I ate earlier than usual, around 5:30pm.  Since the steak was a fattier cut than our usual food, and I was trying to keep my calories below 500, I only ate 6.8oz (190g) of it… which left me wanting more.  If I would have eaten my usual 95% lean ground beef, I could have eaten almost 11oz (300g, huge difference in volume).

When I was shopping, after reading about some ROGUE people having success with Greek yogurt, I picked up a few different brands of single serving cups of 0% fat plain greek yogurt, to see if I can incorporate it into P2 occasionally, (I found 5 different brands to try).  The way it was explained… it’s much healthier than the cottage cheese, which is on protocol, (less ingredients/more protein/less carbs), and wasn’t available in the 50’s.   A few hours after dinner, still not satisfied from my meal, I ate the smallest container that I had bought (OIKOS 5.3oz, 80 cal).  It satisfied me… but I clearly was NOT doing a mini-steak day anymore.  This truly became a cheat/experiment day instead.

WELL… I woke up to a 1.2 drop!! 😀   **HAPPY DANCE** I’m very happy about that, after my recent smaller losses.  The only part that’s nagging me is that I’m fairly certain that if I would have done the mini-steak day RIGHT, instead of messing it up so badly, that I think I would have lost even more.  I might have lost the willpower game yesterday, but I’m going to dust myself off and try it again today… this time with 95% lean ground beef, to see if I can have big success on the scale 2 days in a row.

To finish this round properly, I only have 10 days left to lose weight.  If I can just buckle down, stay focused on the grand prize, and incorporate a few real mini-steak days, (instead of caving into temptations this close to my goal), there’s good a chance I might not have to do the “planned interruption/extension” to achieve my goal.  It would be AWESOME to know that I’m DONE with P2… and don’t have to go back to it again after my birthday week.  Achieving my goal would be the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT to myself… and if I could do it on time, IT WOULD MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST LADY ON THE PLANET!!


Coffee 16oz, Milk .5 oz, Tomato 400g, 95% Lean Ground Beef 300g …  TOTAL CALORIES: 496

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